Design of printed transistor circuits for printed sensors


Schwartz, D. E.; Ng, T.; Veres, J.; Krusor, B. S.; Russo, B.; Lavery, L. L.; Whiting, G. L.; Karlsson, C.; Broms, P.; Herlogsson, L. Design of printed transistor circuits for printed sensors. FlexTech (2013FLEX); 2013 January 29 – February 1; Phoenix, AZ USA.


As printed transistor and sensor technologies advance, their integration into complex electronic systems becomes possible. Electronic design of such systems requires a systematic approach to simulation and design that takes into account the distinct challenges and opportunities presented by printed devices. In this talk, the speaker will discuss PARC’s approach to circuit design and modeling in the context of building sensor systems in partnership with Thinfilm Electronics based on an ink-jet printed organic TFT process.

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