E-beam pumped edge-type emitting UV lasers


Wunderer, T. E-beam pumped edge-type emitting UV lasers. 7th Workshop on Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Lasers.; Krakow, USA. Date of Talk: 2017-10-16


Invited talk: Electron-beam pumping offers compelling benefits as an excitation source for wide-band-gap AlGaN-based optical emitters. Eliminating p-type doping in the heterostructure design of the devices is one particularly enabling feature. Both high-power spontaneous-emission light sources in the UV-C and low-threshold lasers in the UV-A spectral regimes have been demonstrated. A record measured peak optical output power of 230mW of spontaneous emission at 246nm under pulsed e-beam excitation was realized. E-beam-pumped edge-type emitters lasing at ?=380nm, with threshold currents for the focused beam of only I = 170A, will be described.

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