Accountability for Services for Young Children with Disabilities and the Assessment of Meaningful Outcomes: the Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist


Hebbeler, K., & Rooney, R. (2009). Accountability for services for young children with disabilities and the assessment of meaningful outcomes: The role of the speech-language pathologist.



This article describes the federal accountability requirements related to young children with disabilities and the
contribution of the speech-language pathologist (SLP) to provide these data through the use of authentic, functional assessments.


The article summarizes recent state and federal developments related to assessment for accountability and draws on the
recommendations of national organizations, including the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, to underscore the
importance of high-quality assessment for guiding practice and for
documenting child outcomes for accountability.

Clinical Implications/Conclusion

The widespread use of recommended practices for assessment will provide children, families,
and practitioners, including SLPs, with the highest quality assessment information, at the same time providing states and the federal
government with much-needed valid data on child outcomes
for accountability purposes.

KEY WORDS: early childhood special education, accountability, assessment

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