Advancing Local Early Childhood Systems in Virginia: Next Steps for Local, Regional, and State Stakeholders

SRI Authors: Betsy Davies-Mercier, Todd A. Grindal, Kirby A Chow, Shari Golan


Davies-Mercier, B., Nakamura, J., Grindal, T., Chow, K., Golan, S. (2020). Advancing local early childhood systems in virginia: Next steps for local, regional, and state stakeholders. SRI International


Strong local early childhood systems are key to ensuring the healthy development of young children. Over the last decade, Virginia communities have leveraged public and private sector efforts to make substantial progress in coordinating and strengthening local early childhood systems. The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF) partnered with researchers from SRI Education (SRI) to examine the progress and challenges of early childhood systems building in Virginia with a focus on communities that are part of VECF’s Smart Beginnings network. This document summarizes the findings from that examination and provides recommendations for how VECF, state government, and local leaders can more equitably and effectively serve children and families.

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