Designing For Design Learning


Koch, M. & Penuel, W.R. (2007 April). Designing for design learning. In CHI 2007 Conference Proceedings. Workshop on Converging on a Science of Design through the Synthesis of Design Methodologies. Reading, MA: ACM Press.


This paper highlights the need for a science of design to address the needs of technology design learners. For educational technology developers who focus on science of design learning there is an intersection between (1) the curriculum and technology design methodologies they may use to create the learning materials and (2) the design concepts and methodologies they intend to teach in the learning materials. The developers of the NSF-funded Build IT program are experiencing this intersection first-hand as they create and research a technology-supported curriculum that teaches technology design skills and concepts to middle school girls. The Build IT developers would welcome feedback from the CHI community on their design approach and design learning content. The developers can also share with the CHI community what they are learning about the intersection between how they create the materials and the design learning content.

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