Classroom Orchestration: Synthesis


Roschelle, J., Dimitriadis, Y., & Hoppe, U. (2013). Classroom orchestration: Synthesis. Computers & Education, 69, 523-526


Orchestration is an approach to Technology Enhanced Learning that emphasizes attention to the challenges of classroom use of technology, with a particular focus on supporting teachers’ roles. The present collection of papers on orchestration highlights broad agreement that classrooms are variable and complex and that teachers have an important role in adapting materials for use in their own classrooms. The synthesis also shows a difference of opinions in how useful “orchestration” is as a metaphor, the proper scope of issues to include when studying orchestration, and how to approach design. Despite the lack of consensus, orchestration is a timely and important shift of focus and all of the approaches merit further exploration. The field shows healthy self-criticism and debate, which is the hallmark of fields with the potential for great progress.

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