Closing The Digital Divide: Evaluation Of The World Links Program


Kozma, R., McGhee, R., Quellmalz, E., & Zalles, D. (2004). Closing the digital divide: Evaluation of the World Links program. International Journal of Educational Development, 24 (4), 361-381.


In response to this digital divide between developed and developing countries in their use of computers to prepare students for the global economy, the World Bank and, subsequently, the World Links organization provided schools in developing countries with networked computers and training that supports integration of ICT into teaching. This article synthesizes findings from 3 years of evaluative research on the program. The findings are based on surveys of teachers, students, administrators, and technology coordinators, as well as a field test assessment of student learning. The study examines the services provided, documents their impact, and draws implications for policy in developing countries.

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