Collaboration Design Patterns: Conceptual Tools For Planning For The Wireless Classroom


DiGiano, C., Yarnall, L., Patton, C., Roschelle, J., Tatar, D. G., & Manley, M. (2002). Collaboration design patterns: Conceptual tools for planning for the wireless classroom. In Proceedings of WMTE 2002 (pp. 39-47).


Wireless and mobile devices are beginning to offerstunning new technical capabilities for collaborative learning. Yet, researchers in this field must recognize the importance of complementing these technical advances with improved understanding of the patterns of classroom activity that most need support. Our approach is to create conceptual tools that help us think and talk about technology-supported collaborative learning. A particularly powerful tool, we have found, is Collaborative Design Patterns, which capture common learning situations and tradeoffs in written form.

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