Datasets for Inquiry in Geoscience: A Design Model


Quellmalz, E. D. and Zalles, D. (2010). “Datasets for inquiry in geoscience: a design model.” International Journal of Learning Technology 5(4): 338-355.


This article describes the results of a proof of concept project, Data Sets for Inquiry in Geoscience (DIGS), funded by the National Science Foundation. The three goals of the project were to: 1) study the impacts on student learning of web-based supplementary curriculum modules in which secondary students used real geoscience datasets, visualisations, and software tools to conduct investigations within two fundamental topics of study, climate change and plate boundaries; 2) develop designs and prototypes of technology-based performance assessments to provide evidence of students’ geoscientific knowledge and inquiry skills; 3) develop extension scenarios to overview examples of curriculum modules and performance assessments that could be developed for other Earth Science standards and curriculum topics. The article describes the features of the climate module curricular activities and performance assessments that can serve as models for additional topics. The project promoted and tested knowledge and inquiry strategies not typically addressed in geoscience curricula and assessments.

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