Early Math with Gracie & Friends (Tm) Demo: App-Infused Curriculum and Teacher Support for Preschool


Orr, J., Flannery, L., Presser, A. L., Vahey, P., & Latimore, S. (2015, 21-24 June). Early math with Gracie & Friends (TM) demo: app-infused curriculum and teacher support for preschool. Paper presented at the ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Interaction Design and Children (IDC 2015), Boston, MA.


This paper describes the Early Math with Gracie & Friends™ preschool math curriculum based on the four-year, National Science Foundation-funded Next Generation Preschool Math project. Our team developed and published eight iPad apps, 38 hands-on activities, a digital Teacher’s Guide, and professional development modules to help preschool children learn foundational math concepts. Research showed significant learning gains in children who used the app-infused curriculum. Note: All materials and resources are available for free at first8studios.org.

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