Educational Software Architecture And Systemic Impact: The Promise Of Component Software


Roschelle, J., & Kaput, J. (1996). Educational software architecture and systemic impact: The promise of component software. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 14 (3), 217-228.


This report describes results from a national telephone survey of 1,442 parents* with at least one three- to six-year-old child living at home. The survey asked parents about their attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to early learning, science learning, and digital media use: it asked parents about their sense of responsibility and confidence in helping their children learn outside of school, the skills and knowledge they feel are important for their young children to learn, the kinds of learning activities that they do with them, and how the family uses learning-related digital media. A goal of the survey is to bring attention to the experiences families living with limited financial resources have in helping their young children learn. The survey study oversampled parents living in economically disadvantaged communities; 909 of 1,442 families (63%) had an annual household income of $50,000 or less.

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