Evaluation Of Technology-Based Nutrition Program Meals Matter


Zalles, D., & Chorost, M. (2002). Evaluation of technology-based nutrition program meals matter. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.


A survey was administered to gauge to a sample of potential users of Meals Matter in the target population of adult homemakers.  The survey addressed these questions:

  • what sorts of nutrition-related messages do they view as most effective in getting them to think about the issues that the messages raise
  • what sort of writing style they would prefer reading on the web about nutrition
  • what sort of features would be most used by them if they encountered the features on a website
  • what words they most associate with food (as a sign of what sort of language or focus they’d find most engaging in a website about food)

The survey also gathered the following background information about the respondents to build a frame of reference for understanding what opinions they express:

  • who they prepare meals for
  • special issues that may influence their food choices
  • how often they have sought out information about nutrition in the last few years
  • from whom they have learned about nutrition
  • how high they rate themselves as being knowledgeable about nutrition
  • their vocation
  • whether they provide nutrition information as part of their job, and what nutrition-related topics they provide information about

705 surveys were returned and 661 surveys were entered into Survey Pro. 3,818 dcc.org News You Can Use registered users received the survey email. There was a 15.3% response rate, with 584 surveys entered. In addition, 2300 VTL registered users received the survey email and about 77 were entered, raising the total number of completed instruments to 661. For the VTL-registered group, there was a 3.4% response rate.

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