It’s About Time: Purpose, Methods and Challenges of Temporal Analyses of Multiple Data Streams


Cheng, B. H., Molenaar, I., Chiu, M. M., Svihla, V., Wise, A., Peters, V., Zourou, K. (2010). It’s about time: Purpose, methods and challenges of temporal analyses of multiple data streams. Pre-Conference Workshop. In Gomez, K., Lyons, L., & Radinsky, J. (Eds.) Learning in the Disciplines: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2010). Chicago, IL. International Society of the Learning Sciences. 501-502.


Recent studies of learning have involved concurrent collection of multiple types of data (e.g., computer activity logs and online discussion) or have applied multi-dimensional coding, resulting in related data streams. These data highlight the dynamic nature of learning and require analyses from a temporal perspective. This workshop explores issues emerging from integrating data streams by identifying a set of analytic difficulties researchers commonly face, and illustrating the application of specific methods that address these challenges.

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