Painting A Landscape Onto TAPPED IN 2


Schank, P., Harris, A., & Schlager, M.S. (2002). Painting a Landscape onto TAPPED IN 2. Presented to the “The Role of Place in Shaping Virtual Community” workshop at the Computer Supported Cooperative Work Conference, New Orleans, LA, November 16-20, 2002.


The TAPPED IN Testbed environment supports some of the key activities of an online community of practice, but the environment does not support other online structures and activities that we know are needed to move forward with our research (Schank, Fenton, Schlager, & Fusco, 1999). Starting in mid-2001, with new NSF funding, we began working with our partners and community to design a new TAPPED IN system that we call Tapped In Version 2 (TI2). TI2 is a complete rewrite of the original TAPPED IN and adds many new features and capabilities, including group creation and management, file sharing, threaded discussion boards, search, membership and place directories, instant messaging and chat, and (soon) calendaring and course management

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