Technology Tools For Collecting, Managing, And Using Assessment Data To Inform Instruction And Improve Achievement


Haertel, G.D., Means, B., & Penuel, W. (2008). Technology tools for collecting, managing, and using assessment data to inform instruction and improve achievement. In L. Smolin, K. Lawless, & N., Burbules (Eds.), NSSE yearbook 2007, Information and communication technologies: Considerations for teachers and teacher education. Chicago: National Society for the Study of Education.


The purpose of this chapter is to examine the ways in which technology is transforming practices of assessment and educational decision making. We will make the argument that the use of information and computer technology for these purposes is becoming increasingly common, but that the various technology applications are still fragmented and education has yet to realize the full potential of using technology to integrate instructional activities, assessment, and data informed decision making. The specific categories of technology supported tools reviewed here are (1) student data management systems; (2) technology-supported assessments for accountability; (3) technology-supported formative assessments; and (4) classroom communication systems. We will first provide a brief sketch of the national policy context for educational technology, and then describe each of these categories of technology applications and highlight findings from available research on their effects on student achievement, concluding with a framework for their integration.

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