Preschool development grant birth through five (PDG B-5) state profiles

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Morrison, H., Thayer, S., Zamora, C., Anderson, D., Scheibe, F., Reeve, M. Shepherd, S., Peyton, S., Gehres, S., Coffey, M., & Chen, W.-B. (2021). Preschool development grant birth through five (PDG B-5) state profiles. SRI International.


The Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5) awards are designed to support states and territories in coordinating and aligning existing programs within each state’s early childhood care and education (ECE) mixed delivery system. The purposes of both the PDG B-5 Initial and Renewal Grants focus on strengthening the state’s integrated ECE system to prepare low-income and disadvantaged children to enter kindergarten ready to learn and improving their transition from various early childhood settings into the early elementary grades; increasing program operating and cost efficiencies; expanding parental choices and meaningful involvement; and ensuring families are linked to the full range of needed services. The PDG B-5 state profiles were developed to highlight each state’s and territory’s’ work on the initial and renewal grants to-date, and to show their growth over time.

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