Early College High School Initiative: 2003-2005 Evaluation Report


Berger, A. R., Cole, S., Melton, J., Oliver, D., Safran, S., Tetteyfo, S., & Nielsen, N. (2006). Early College High School Initiative: 2003–2005 evaluation report.


This report is the second annual synthesis report on the national evaluation of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ’s Early College High School Initiative (ECHSI). The foundation established the vision for the ECHSI. At its most basic, this vision is summarized in a set of Core Principles, which includes the requirements that ECHSs provide students an opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree or two years toward their baccalaureate while in high school, that the college credits are covered at public expense, and that the academic program is compressed to four or five years. The Foundation continued its emphasis on school characteristics, described in 2005 as “the new 3R’s”––rigorous instruction, relevant curriculum, and supportive relationships—in all ECHS classrooms.

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