Evaluation of the Florida Master Teacher Initiative Formative Report


Golan, S., Wechsler, M., Park, C.J., Chen, W. (2012). Evaluation of the Florida Master Teacher Initiative: Formative Report. SRI International. Menlo Park, CA.


The Florida Master Plan Initiative (FMTI) partners have developed and implemented a set of strategic programs to enhance early learning instruction for high-need students. Specifically, these are a job-embedded graduate degree program with an early childhood specialization, a Teacher Fellows program through which teachers use inquiry to reflect on and improve their practice, and a Principal Fellows program that enhances principals’ ability to effect change in their schools by helping them adopt a facilitative leadership approach. Feedback on the programs from most teachers and principals was very positive, and many expressed interest in continued involvement in them. Teachers and principals also shared many examples of how these programs are starting to affect them, their instruction, and students. Presented here are a summary of the many accomplishments and a description of next steps for the initiative and evaluation.

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