Globe Year 9 Evaluation: Implementation Supports and Student Outcomes


Penuel, W. R., Bienkowski, M., Korbak, C., Molina, A., Russo, D., Toyama, Y., et al. (2005). GLOBE Year 9 evaluation: Implementation supports and student outcomes. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.


SRI International (SRI) prepared this evaluation research report for the GLOBE Program. This is the second report submitted under the new grant to SRI for the GLOBE evaluation and the ninth in a series of annual evaluation reports SRI has provided to the GLOBE Program since its inception. GLOBE continues to evolve as a program. Although GLOBE’s central mission has not changed, the Program’s administration, methods for preparing teachers, and strategies for promoting expansion have all changed since its inception. We begin this report, as we have in the past, with an overview of the Program and critical steps in its evolution in the 2003–04 year.

The Year 9 evaluation report (covering the school year 2003–04) describes GLOBE Program growth and studies of GLOBE partner organizations, and it provides reviews of GLOBE materials (the Teacher’s Guide), supplementary materials such as videos, and the GLOBE Web site. The report also presents positive results of a study of achievement of students learning with GLOBE. These parts of the GLOBE evaluation provide data to stakeholders that demonstrate the value GLOBE provides.

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