The Use and Effectiveness of a Question Exploration Routine in Secondary-Level English Language Arts Classrooms


Bulgren, J. A., Marquis, J. G., Deshler, D. D., Lenz, B. K., & Schumaker, J. B. (2013). The use and effectiveness of a question exploration routine in secondary-level English language arts classrooms. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 28(4), 156-169.


This purpose of the study was to determine the effects of teachers using the Question Exploration Routine (QER) in regularly scheduled secondary-level English Language Arts classes to help students answer questions about the development and use of main ideas in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Questions were posed in both multiple-choice and written formats. On average, students representing diverse groups who received instruction with the QER correctly answered a significantly higher percentage of total questions than students receiving traditional lecture-discussion instruction (effect sizes were very large). Results are reported for total scores, subscores of multiple-choice and written responses, and for responses of subgroups of students. Students’ mean satisfaction and confidence responses are reported.

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