Nevada Ready! B-5 Alignment: Workforce Standards Report

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Gillis, M., Porterfield, M. L., & Chong, M. (2020). Nevada Ready! B-5 alignment: Workforce standards report. SRI International.


SRI partnered with the Nevada Department of Education to strengthen and align standards related to learning and development for young children, early childhood program quality and workforce standards for professionals working with young children through Nevada’s Preschool Development Grant Birth-5. This document summarizes work and recommendations related to the workforce standards. SRI International was tasked with convening a work group to review and assess the status of alignment of Nevada’s Core Knowledge Areas and Core Competencies for Early Care and Education Professionals, Nevada Early Care and Education Professional Career Ladder, and Nevada Professional Development Offerings. The work was organized into two phases. Phase I focused on assessing the status of alignment and identifying revisions and recommendations to improve alignment, while Phase II focused on finalizing revised competencies, drafting leadership competencies, and further clarifying recommendations related to professional development offerings.

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