Scenario-Based Learning Assessment Reflection Toolkit


van den Bosch, K., & Riemersma, J. B. (2017). Reflections on scenario-based training in tactical command. In Scaled Worlds: Development, validation and applications (pp. 11-31). Routledge.


Problem-based learning (PBL) is an instructional technique that offers one way to contextualize academic learning in real world tasks. It is increasingly used to accelerate developmental education in mathematics and English and engage students in STEM workforce education.

Educators find PBL challenging to implement because it requires tradeoffs around classroom activities and content coverage and different approaches to faculty preparation and student engagement. SRI seeks assessment as a central path for addressing these challenges. SRI developed these evidence-centered assessment reflection tools (EC-AR) that help educators to broaden learning objectives to shift from content topics to student competencies.

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