Evaluation of the California Subject Matter Project: California Mathematics Project Case Study


Gallagher, H. A., Kim, D., & McCaffrey, T. (2009). Evaluation of the California Subject Matter Project.


This is a case study of a partnership between the mathematics department at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) and Green Hills High School (GHHS). The partnership began in 1999 with a program in which college students tutored high school students. Concurrent with CSUB’s initial work at GHHS, GHHS attracted a new principal. She worked with her staff to improve students’ access to college preparatory mathematics courses and to develop a professional community in the mathematics department and the school overall that improved teacher quality and retention. Over time, the work of the CSUB-GHHS partnership shifted to developing the expertise of teachers in the GHHS mathematics department. That story is described here, beginning with GHHS’s goals, followed by the partnership activities and programs, and concluding with this partnership’s achievements.

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