Mathematics Worth Knowing, Resources Worth Growing, And Research Worth Nothing: A Response To The National Mathematics Advisory Panel Report


Roschelle, J., Singleton, C., Sabelli, N., Pea, R., & Bransford, J. (2008). Mathematics worth knowing, resources worth growing, and research worth nothing: A response to the National Mathematics Advisory Panel report. Educational Researcher, 37 (9), 610-617.


The authors praise Foundations for Success: The Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel (2008) for focusing on the mathematics within mathematics education. They critique the Panel for (a) constraining its analysis to two traditional school courses, (b) isolating independent factors and undervaluing integrated approaches, and (c) overlooking recent insights on mathematics learning. The authors urge others to seek deeper analysis of “mathematics worth knowing,” to integrate multiple resources into instructional approaches, and to delve more deeply into recent learning research.

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