Organizing Principles for Science Education Partnerships: Case Studies of Students’ Learning About ‘Rats in Space’ and ‘Deformed Frogs


Linn, M.C., Shear, L., Bell, P. & Slotta, J.D. (1999). Organizing principles for science education partnerships: Case studies of students’ learning about ‘Rats in Space’ and ‘Deformed Frogs. Educational Technology Research and Development, 47(2), 61-85.


We describe how science education partnerships composed of educational researchers, technologists, classroom teachers, natural scientists, and pedagogy experts can create effective instructional innovations using Internet technologies. We show that our Scaffolded Knowledge Integration framework gives partnerships a head start on effective designs. We illustrate this process with the Deformed Frogs partnership and the Rats in Space partnership. We conclude with suggestions for future partnerships.

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