Partnership Models: The Case Of The Deformed Frogs


Shear, L., Bell, P., & Linn, M.C. (2004). Partnership models: The case of the deformed frogs. In M. C. Linn, E. A. Davis, & P. Bell (Eds.), Internet Environments for Science Education (pp. 289-311). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


This chapter describes how a partnership designed, tested, and refined the integration of an innovative learning environment and curricula into the life of an urban middle school. Using a Knowledge Integration Environment (KIE) project about a current scientific controversy re­lated to frog deformities, the partnership sought to expand teachers’ pedagogical strategies, to bring new models for technology use to the school, and ultimately to improve students’ knowledge, skills, and ap­preciation of science.

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