Strengthening SSIP evaluations with qualitative methods


Shaver, D., Cox, M., Ruggiero, R. A., & Kutaka, T. (2018). Strengthening SSIP evaluations with qualitative methods. SRI International.


Evaluating large-scale improvement efforts in early intervention and early childhood special education settings as called for in the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) is challenging. No single method provides the full picture of the changes occurring at each level of the Part C or Part B 619 systems. Using quantitative and qualitative methods offers different perspectives for examining SSIP implementation and results and provides states with greater insight into how implementation is going and what needs to change to reach intended outcomes. Qualitative methods, when carried out well, can provide valuable information that complements quantitative findings in assessing progress, identifying successes and challenges, and making adjustments to improve implementation.

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