Building Strong Partnerships to Improve Clinically Oriented Teacher Preparation

SRI author:


Torre Gibney, D., Rutherford-Quach, S., Milby, A., Lam, A., & White, M.E. (2020). Building strong partnerships to improve clinically oriented teacher preparation. WestEd.


This paper describes four levers university teacher preparation programs (TPPs) and districts participating in the New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI) used to create strong partnerships: 1) creating and operationalizing a shared vision; 2) identifying key roles; 3) ensuring space and time to collaborate; and, 4) sharing data to identify needs and monitor progress. This paper is one of a four-part series sharing lessons learned from NGEI, a multiyear effort to improve teacher preparation at 11 California State University TPPs in partnership with local public-school districts.

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