Improvement Science in Teacher Preparation at California State University: How Teacher Preparation Partnerships are Building Capacity to Learn to Improve


Dolle, J., White, M. E., Evans-Santiago, B., Flushman, T., Guise, M., Hegg, S., Myhre, O., Ramirez, E., & Won, N. (2018). Improvement science in teacher preparation at California State University: How teacher preparation partnerships are building capacity to learn to improve. San Francisco, CA: WestEd.


This paper describes how three principles of improvement science guided reforms at teacher preparation programs (TPPs) participating in the New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI): 1) all improvement begins with dissatisfaction with the status quo; 2) every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets; and 3) all improvement requires change, but not every change is an improvement. NGEI was a multiyear effort to improve teacher preparation at 11 California State Universities TPPs in partnership with local public-school districts.

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