Using Evidence Centered Design For Learning (ECDL) To Examine the ASSISTments system


Feng, M., Hansen, E. & Zapata, D. (2009). Using Evidence Centered Design for Learning (ECDL) to examine ASSISTment. Paper presented at the annual meeting of America Educational Research Association (AERA), San Diego, CA. April, 2009.


There is a great need for improved methods for designing innovative learning systems. In this paper, we introduce a design methodology – Evidence Centered Design for Learning (ECDL) that supports the design of educational systems in terms of evidentiary arguments. The methodology is then applied to examine an online intelligent tutoring system that blends performance assessment and instructional assistance. We describe how the functionality of the system can be represented using the argument structure of ECDL and present three cases that shows how the ECDL methodology and the system can enhance each other.

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