Using Proc Report to Cross-Tabulate Multiple Response Items


Thornton, P. Using ODS PDF, Style Templates, Inline Styles, and PROC REPORT with SAS® Macro Programs.


A production system of SAS macro programs is described that modularize the generation of syntax to produce client quality reports of descriptive and inferential results in a PDF document. The reusable system of macros include programs that save all current titles, footnotes, and option settings, establish standard titles, footnotes and option settings, and initially create the PDF document. Macro programs may be called to generate PROC REPORT syntax to produce various tables of descriptive and inferential results with table numbers, footnotes and customized bookmarks. A modified style template is use to determine the look of the whole document, and a macro program of inline style definitions is used to define the defaults for each type of table. A version of the inline style macro program may be customized to accommodate the needs of each project, and inline style parameters may also be modified for any given macro call. A macro program to end the PDF creates a standard data documentation page, and restores all original titles, footnotes and option settings. This paper is designed for the intermediate to advanced SAS programmer using Foundation SAS Software on a Windows operating system.

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