Web-Based Performance Support For Evaluation


Zalles, D. (2005). Web-based performance support for evaluation. AERA.


The Online Evaluation Resource Library (OERL) is a Web-based electronic performance support system for improving the evaluation of projects funded by theDirectorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) of the National Science Foundation (NSF). OERL provides prospective project developers and evaluators with material that they can use to design, conduct, document, and review evaluations. OERL contains examples of exemplary plans, instruments, and reports from evaluations of EHR-funded projects. It also contains criteria about good evaluation practices, professional development modules, and links to evaluation standards. Scenarios illustrate how the OERL resources can be used or adapted. Currently housed in OERL are 137 instruments, and full or excerpted versions of 38 plans and 60 reports. 

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