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Tech Report  September 5, 2019

Evaluation of the New Teacher Center (NTC) i3 Scale-up grant: Teacher practice impacts

SRI Authors Rebecca A. Schmidt



Schmidt, R. A. (2019). Evaluation of the New Teacher Center (NTC) i3 Scale-up grant: Teacher practice impacts. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International. 


SRI’s analysis of outcomes for two cohorts of teachers participating in the scale-up of the New Teacher Center’s intensive program of mentoring and induction for beginning teachers found that NTC induction had a positive impact on teacher classroom practice after two years of mentoring support. There was no difference in impacts between school-based and full-release sites, suggesting that the school-based mentoring model, one of NTC’s key scaling strategies, was as effective as the full-release model that was tested in an earlier study. These findings provide promising evidence that NTC induction support, delivered via strategies that allow scaling across a variety of district contexts, can help beginning teachers surmount early obstacles to success and focus on increasing their students’ learning.

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