Characterization of flexible image sensor arrays with bulk heterojunction organic photodiodes


Ng, T.; Wong, W. S.; Lujan, R. A.; Russo, B.; Chabinyc, M.; Sambandan, S.; Street, R. A. Characterization of flexible image ensor arrays with bulk heterojunction organic photodiodes. Organic Field-Effect Transistors VII and Organic Semiconductors in Sensors and Bioelectronics; 2008 August 10; San Diego, CA. SPIE Proceedings 7054: M.


A prototype of mechanically flexible photosensor arrays using organic bulk heterojunction photodiodes has been developed on plastic substrates. The integration of a 4 m thick sensor layer onto a flexible amorphous silicon thin-film transistor backplane gave an image sensor array with 35% external quantum efficiency and noise equivalent power of 30 pW/cm2 at reverse bias voltage of 4 V. Sensor properties such as sensitivity and spatial resolution are determined and compared to those of amorphous silicon photodiodes.

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