Flexible and printed electronic sensing systems


Whiting, G. L.; Ng, T.; Daniel, J. H.; Uhland, S.; Lavery, L. L.; Arias, A. C.; Veres, J.; Krusor, B. S.; Russo, B. Flexible and printed electronic sensing systems. Design West: Sensors in Design; 2012 March 28-29; San Jose, CA USA.


The use of printing as a electronics manufacturing technique could enable fabrication of flexible sensors over large areas at low-cost, potentially allowing for novel applications and more widespread using of such sensing elements. In this report recent developments made in printed sensor technology at PARC, a Xerox company, will be presented, including examples of optical, temperature and pressure sensors, fabricated using techniques such as screen and ink-jet printing. Printing also readily enables integration of sensors with other electronic devices to create more complex functional systems. In addition to the sensors themselves, PARC has also developed other printed electronic devices including complimentary circuits and memory as well as power sources potentially leading towards all-printed autonomous sensing systems.

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