Flexible electronics and the value of inkjet-printing for displays and sensors


Daniel, J. H.; Ng, T.; Arias, A. C.; Russo, B.; Krusor, B. S. Flexible Electronics and the value of inkjet-printing for displays and sensors. International Workshop on Flexible and Printed Electronics (IWFPE 09); 2009 November 18-19; Muju Resort, Korea.


The interest in flexible electronics has particularly focused on displays, but recently also on sensor applications. Printing techniques are being explored for reducing the fabrication cost, but also for other benefits. Particularly, inkjet printing is a digital, non-contact printing method that enables accurate drop placement and efficient materials usage. In this talk, an overview of various areas of flexible electronics will be given with focus on inkjet-printing. Flexible active-matrix backplanes for electrophoretic displays as well as sensors for detecting explosions will be discussed in more detail.

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