From lab-scale ink-jet to mass-printed circuits


Whiting, G. L.; Ng, T.; Hsieh, B.; Tonkin, C.; O’Hara, L.; Kahn, B. E.; Krusor, B. S.; Veres, J. From lab-scale ink-jet to mass-printed circuits. 2013 Flextech Flexible Electronics and Displays Conference; 2013 January 29 – February 1; Phoenix, AZ USA.


As more complex printed circuits and systems are being demonstrated it enables printed electronics to address an ever broadening application space. In order to access these developments for commercial products, current lab-scale printed devices must be scaled up to large-scale printing for mass production, which has an impact on both device design as well as materials choice. This presentation will describe the design rules currently used for lab-scale, ink-jet printed multi-layer complimentary circuits and their impact on device performance and variability. In addition an example of translating these designs to production scale equipment will be given, through PARC’s partnership with the Sonoco Institute at Clemson University.

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