Heat-Switch-Based Electrocaloric Cooling (invited)


Wang, Y.; Smullin, S. J.; Eldershaw, C.; Sheridan, M.; Johnson, D. M.; Wang, Q. Heat-Switch-Based Electrocaloric Cooling (invited). Winton Meeting on Caloric Materials.; Cambridge, YT UK. Date of Talk: 02/10/2016


This talk will cover work modeling, designing, building, and testing a heat-switch-based electrocaloric heat pump. The experimental device is based on silicon heat switches with high thermal contrast ratios. These switches are used to alternately couple an electrocaloric capacitor module to a heat source and heat sink resulting in simultaneous temperature lift and heat flux. High-fidelity system models provide Insights into key design parameters for a heat-switch-based system. Extrapolation of the system to macroscopic cooling applications will also be discussed.

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