Hybrid Printed Electronics


Whiting, G. L.; Ng, T.; Schwartz, D. E.; Krivacic, B.; Tuganov, A. V.; Short, K. L.; Veres, J.; Van Buren, D. Hybrid Printed Electronics. FlexTech Conference 2014.; Phoenix, AZ USA. Date of Talk: 2/3/2014


Digital fabrication of high performance, mechanically flexible electronics systems can be achieved using a hybrid approach that incorporates printed components alongside pre-formed microelectronic devices. This technology offers custom circuitry for demanding applications (such as space-based manufacturing) that is complementary to mass printed transistor circuits. PARC has developed a hybrid printed electronics platform which combines printed devices with high performance signal processing and wireless communication components. Starting with a flexible plastic substrate, printed components are used for sensing, multiplexing, interconnection, the antenna and ancillary passive elements, with low-profile microelectronic devices used for analogue-to-digital conversion, processing and wireless transmission. This report will describe the full sense-and-transmit system focusing particularly on issues of integration such as impedance matching between the sensors and circuits, robust printed interconnection of the chips, interface electronics between printed and discrete parts, and issues related to powering the system.

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