Accurate 3D Rigid-Body Target Motion and Structure Estimation by Using GMTI/HRR with Template Information


Wu, S., & Hong, L. (April 16, 2008). “Accurate 3D rigid-body target motion and structure estimation by using GMTI/HRR with template information”, Proc. SPIE 6969, Signal and Data Processing of Small Targets 2008, 69690S


A framework of simultaneously estimating the motion and structure parameters of a 3D object by using high range resolution (HRR) and ground moving target indicator (GMTI) measurements with template information is given. By decoupling the motion and structure information and employing rigid-body constraints, we have developed the kinematic and measurement equations of the problem. Since the kinematic system is unobservable by using only one scan HRR and GMTI measurements, we designed an architecture to run the motion and structure filters in parallel by using multi-scan measurements. Moreover, to improve the estimation accuracy in large noise and/or false alarm environments, an interacting multi-template joint tracking (IMTJT) algorithm is proposed. Simulation results have shown that the averaged root mean square errors for both motion and structure state vectors have been significantly reduced by using the template information.

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