Forensic Prescreening System Using Coded Aperture Snapshot Spectral Imager


Lim, S., Berends, D. C., Cho, C., Das, A. K., Isnardi, M., & Chai, S. (2014, 5 May). Forensic prescreening system using coded aperture snapshot spectral imager. Paper presented at the Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications 2014, Baltimore, MD.


We present a camera system for instantaneous, non-destructive capture of spectral signatures for forensic analysis. Our system detects highly probative samples in the forensic scene mixed by the multiple target objects by combining a coded aperture snapshot spectral imager with a multi-spectral detection algorithm. An Adaptive Cosine Estimator (ACE) is used to quantitatively detect and classify the probative samples from the decoded spectral datacube. In this paper, we demonstrate selected results using our system for luminescence characteristics and spectral classification of a number of samples.

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