Long Range Audio and Audio-Visual Event Detection Using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer


Wang, T., Zhu, Z., & Divakaran, A., (April 15, 2010). “Long range audio and audio-visual event detection using a laser Doppler vibrometer,” in Proceedings SPIE Vol. 7704.


Association of audio events with video events presents a challenge to a typical camera-microphone approach in order to capture AV signals from a large distance. Setting up a long range microphone array and performing geo-calibration of both audio and video sensors is difficult. In this work, in addition to a geo-calibrated electro-optical camera, we propose to use a novel optical sensor – a Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) for real-time audio sensing, which allows us to capture acoustic signals from a large distance, and to use the same geo-calibration for both the camera and the audio (via LDV). We have promising preliminary results on association of the audio recording of speech with the video of the human speaker.

Keywords: LDV, Laser-Doppler Vibrometry, long-range, audio-visual, event detection, integration

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