Modeling of Continuity and Change in Biology


Chaudhri, V. K., & Loebe, F. (2014, 21 September). Modeling of continuity and change in biology. Paper presented at the Joint Workshop ONTO.COM / ODISE on Ontologies in Conceptual Modeling and Information Systems Engineering (ONTO-COM-ODISE 2014), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Continuity and change is a core theme in biology that refers to how genetic information is carried forward. This paper reports on our initial steps toward representing this core theme and describes the methodological background and open challenges. We define continuity and change from a conceptual modeling perspective, identify its facets that require further ontological work, and present competency questions designed to check the adequacy of its representation. Moreover, we explore whether continuity and change must be explicitly represented as primitives in the representation of biological processes or whether it can be inferred from the process structure.

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