Review of Materials Science for Studying the Fleischmann and Pons Effect


Violante, V., Castagna, E., Lecci, S., Sarto, F., Sansovini, M., Torre, A., … & McKubre, M. (2015). Review of materials science for studying the Fleischmann and Pons effect. Current Science, 540-558.


Fleischmann and Pons effect (FPE) is the production of excess power during electrochemical loading of deuterium in palladium. This effect has the following features: (1) It is a threshold effect (loading D/Pd > 0.9). (2) It is unobserved when electrochemical loading is performed with hydrogen from light water. (3) It is unexplainable as a chemical effect. (4) It occurs only if the involved materials.

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