Spatial Temporal and Histogram Video Registration for Digital Watermark Detection


Cheng, H., & Isnardi, M.A., (Sept. 2003). “Spatial temporal and histogram video registration for digital watermark detection,” Image Processing, 2003. ICIP 2003. Proceedings. 2003 International Conference on, vol.2, no., pp.II,735-8 vol.3, 14-17.


In this paper, we propose a spatial, temporal and histogram (STH) registration algorithm for video sequences. This algorithm is developed based on a frame-level model of the misalignments often introduced by video processing algorithms, such as compression, frame rate conversion or by video capturing. With this model, the STH registration is formulated as a constrained minimization of a matching cost, and it is solved using dynamic programming. In addition, prior information about the application is incorporated in the form of contextual cost. Experimental results on both synthetic and real processed video sequences have shown that the proposed algorithm is effective and robust to a wide range of noises. In addition, we successfully applied this algorithm to digital forensic watermark detection.

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