Isolines: efficient spatio-temporal data aggregation in sensor networks


Solis, I.; Obraczka, K. Isolines: efficient spatio-temporal data aggregation in sensor networks. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. 2009 March; 9 (3): 357-367.


This paper introduces an energy-efficient data collection technique that takes advantage of spatial and temporal data correlation for monitoring continuously changing conditions such as temperature, humidity, rain fall, radiation, substance concentrations, etc. The proposed technique, isoline aggregation, generates contour maps representing the condition being monitored. The resulting contour map consist of isolines which delimit regions within which the monitored condition is within a certain value range. Energy efficiency is achieved by taking advantage of the spatial and temporal correlation of the data field. Simulation results show that isoline aggregation can reduce the amount of bytes transmitted considerably. At the same time, we are able to keep high data accuracy.

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