KB Bio 101: Content and Challenges


Vinay K. Chaudhri and Daniel Elenius and Sue Hinojoza and Michael Wessel. KB Bio 101: Content and Challenges, in In the Proceedings of International Conference on Formal Ontologies in Information Systems, 2014.


The knowledge representation used in KB Bio 101 contains many of the standard features such as classes, individuals, class-subclass hierarchy, disjointness, slots, slot hierarchy, necessary and sufficient properties, and Horn rules. By expressing this representation in first-order logic with equality [10], we have translated it into multiple formats including, OWL2 functional and an answer set program. As explained in [5], the translation of KB Bio 101 into OWL is lossy. These translations are available through our website [10], and an OWL version is available through Bio Portal [4]. To facilitate an inspection of its content, especially its graph structured existential rules, we have also made available the graphical view of the concepts as seen through our system on a public website [10]. Because
these graphs were generated through an automatic screen-capture process, in some cases, their layout and cropping is not optimal. We hope their availability will help the community to better understand the content of KB Bio 101.

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