Mail2Wiki: posting and curating wiki content from email


Hanrahan, B.; Weksteen, T.; Kong, N.; Convertino, G.; Bouchard, G.; Archambeau, C.; Chi, E. H. Mail2Wiki: posting and curating wiki content from email. 15th ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI); 2011 February 13-16; Stanford, CA. NY: ACM; 2011; 441-442.


Enterprise wikis commonly see low adoption rates, preventing them from reaching the critical mass that is needed to make them valuable. The high interaction costs for contributing content to these wikis is a key factor impeding wiki adoption. Much of the collaboration among knowledge workers continues to occur in email, which causes useful information to stay siloed in personal inboxes. In this demo we present Mail2Wiki, a system that enables easy contribution and initial curation of content from the personal space of email to the shared repository of a wiki.

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