Materials and novel patterning methods for flexible electronics


Wong, W. S.; Chabinyc, M.; Ng, T.; Salleo, A. Materials and novel patterning methods for flexible electronics. Chapter in Flexible Electronics: Materials and Applications, edited by Alberto Salleo and William S. Wong, vol. 11 of Springer series on Electronic Materials: Science & Technology. NY: Springer; 2009; 143-181.


The materials considerations and print-processing techniques for fabricating electronic devices on flexible platforms are reviewed. Both organic and inorganic materials for the semiconductor, dielectric, and metals for thin-film transistor fabrication are presented. Jet-printing techniques for both etch-mask patterning and deposition and patterning of solution processable polymers will be highlighted. The characterization of low-temperature compatible materials will also be reviewed with discussing considerations that determine device stability and performance in polymeric and silicon-based devices. Finally, an overview of specific applications for organic and inorganic semiconductor devices in backplane, display, and image sensor arrays will be presented.

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