Next-Generation Aerosol Technology for Viscoelastic Fluids: Filament Extension Atomization


Unidad, J.; Neelakantan, R.; Johnson, D. M. Next-Generation Aerosol Technology for Viscoelastic Fluids: Filament Extension Atomization. The Society of Rheology 90th Annual Meeting.; Houston, TX USA. Date of Talk: 2018-10-14


PARC is developing a next-generation aerosol technology that can generate droplets (mist) from viscoelastic fluids based on a roll-to-roll process that heavily involves fluid extension. While conventional spray methods tend to be viscosity-limited and do not perform reliably for strain hardening fluids, PARCs technology called Filament Extension Atomization TM (FEA) can generate high-quality narrowly-dispersed micron-sized droplets exactly from these strain hardening fluids. These could range from polymer solutions, polymer melts and other systems that exhibit extensional hardening. In this contribution, we will present a systematic mapping of the spray quality (particle size distribution, particle velocity distribution) generated by FEA as determined by processing parameters from a series of strain hardening polymer solutions with concentrations spanning the dilute, semi-dilute and concentrated regimes. We will discuss the role of strain hardening and fluid extensional behavior on spray processing through FEA and in the resulting spray quality. Some compelling use cases in additive manufacturing and in biomedical and biotechnological applications will also be discussed.

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